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Archives Introduction

Updated: Feb 18

Archives: is where we publish primary source documents which is used elsewhere on the site such as the Curriculum & Compendium.

Each post includes an image of the document, a full transcription of the text with notes at the bottom, attached a source where we got the text.

Given that as a part of the Curriculum each primary source document will have a summary written and two videos made (one video for the summary and one video for the full text), these summaries and videos will be attached to each post at the bottom.

Metrics for Preferred Documents

There are two main categories, Documents and Events.

Under Documents there are two subcategories, Official and Personal.

Official Documents include laws, resolutions, executive orders, presidential statements, and judicial decisions/opinions. This applies to state governments as well.

Personal Documents include essays, books, pamphlets, articles, letters, speeches, and any other form of communication.

Under Events there are two subcategories, Official and Activism/Terrorism.

Official Events include elections, appointments, and wars.

Activism/Terrorism include protests/movements and massacres.

Given these categories there is also a hierarchy of preferred sources. At the top there are Political Personnel - those who hold political office. Below them are Activists who directly impact political docs and events. At the bottom are regular people who have some unique insight or eye witness accounts of political events.

All opinions from historical documents are not endorsed by the nonprofit in any way.

Image of the Library of Congress

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