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Amending America ltd.

Nonprofit 501(c)(3)

DBA: Amending America

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EIN: 88-2590159

Incorporated in the State of Georgia

Domestic Nonprofit Corporation

NAICS Code: Educational Services

NAICS Sub Code: Educational Support Services

Effective May 12, 2022

990/990EZ/990N Required

2022 990N

2023 990N

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Approved to Solicit Funds in the State of Georgia


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All rights reserved.

*** Current Through the 2016 Regular Session ***


O.C.G.A. § 43-17-9 (2016)

§ 43-17-9. Exemptions

(a) The following persons are exempt from the provisions of Code Sections 43-17-5, 43-17-6,
and 43-17-8:

(1) Educational institutions and those organizations, foundations, associations, corporations,
charities, and agencies operated, supervised, or controlled by or in connection with a nonprofit
educational institution, provided that any such institution or organization is qualified under
Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as ame

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The Problem We Face

You see an erosion of social cohesion, inefficient government policy, and a perishing national identity today and don't understand where it all started, how it has gotten worse, or how to fix them. Only 27% of Americans have a “basic” understanding of American history, and that “basic” understanding is not enough to pass a college exam. America’s ignorance of our own history is not only disappointing but also detrimental to our welfare as it prevents us from understanding the political institutions and social environment we live in today, this misunderstanding not only leads to a disjoined union, divided on partisan lines and peculiar interests, but it prevents us from properly critiquing our society in a constructive manner, after all how can you fix something you don't understand? We lack a diverse yet unified understanding of our history preventing us from moving forward together.

This illiteracy is what Amending America aims to alleviate.

Our Value Proposition

We are an educational nonprofit specializing in American history. Our online services include a repository of thousands of historical documents, a curriculum for students studying history that is also turnkey for teachers to use in their classrooms, and a publication for academic papers. Our online services are accessible, comprehensive, and user-friendly unlike many schools, libraries, and educational organizations who do not effectively use online technology nor provide more than the bare minimum basics of the topics they cover.

Your Call to Action

With your support we will provide educational material to students, resources to teachers, and transparency to parents. Without you, we and others are missing out, so contribute to the cause and let's Amend America.

Duodecim Probitates


America is not just a government institution in North America but a cosmopolitan concept:


  1. where reciprocity and equal treatment is exercised by all,

  2. where rights are discovered and protected via an amending process,

  3. where happiness - consisting of welfare, security, and liberty - is the purpose of government,

  4. where there are no hierarchies with titles of divinity nor nobility but instead a collection of fairly and freely elected representatives with limited power and scope who are frequently replaced,

  5. where the structure of governments have their powers separated; where those powers are checking and balancing each other constantly,

  6. where science is promoted freely to all, where innovation and the wealth produced by that innovation does not stifle equality but instead provide the means to it,

  7. where the betterment of the well-being of everyone is sought after before the frivolous extravagance of licentious selfishness and ambition of arrivistes,

  8. where patriotism is not the worship of symbols and demagoguery of idols but the giving of hearts and minds to these principles,

  9. where laws are not made to spite the people but to increase their happiness and restrict vice via education or rehabilitation so that the necessity of punishment is a rarity,

  10. where representation should not be determined by the similarity of lifestyles, class, race, sex, creed, culture or nativity, but by their devotion to their constituents in public stewardship and that their probity includes these ideals,

  11. where the governments on every level and the people recognize, respect, and protect the civil rights of the individual and the granted rights of the government,

  12. and where consent of the governed means all people are constituents who must have suffrage to all of the highest offices of government in order for those governments to be legitimate.

Goals & Progress

Educational Vendor

We aim to become an educational vendor so students who complete our curriculum get the credits they deserve.

Credits for Con Law, American History, Civics, and APUSH.

Scholarship & Relief

We aim to create a scholarship program to provide funds for a student's tuition specifically for those majoring in history, civics, or law; along with a teacher relief program for those who need funds for their classroom.

Donor Advised Fund

We aim to establish and operate a DAF to help move money from those who want to give to those charities which need it.


We aim to establish and maintain an endowment to fund the scholarship program and eventually all expenses of the nonprofit.

Half of annual return will remain in the portfolio to compound over time while the other half will cover the expenses of the charity.


We aim to increase our publishing rate of essays, op-eds, research projects, dissertations, and primary source documents on their respective pages.


We aim to create the best online library of historical documents.

Thoughts on Education



Education is intended for individuals to hone three characteristics.


Citizenship: Where people are able to understand political institutions in depth along with the broader social contract to act civilly enough to network and build relationships.

Productivity: Where people are able to earn and then contribute resources for their own life, the lives of their family & friends, and society at large by developing skills valued in the market.

Enlightenment: Where people are able to understand the world we live in and pursue expanding that knowledge so that our posterity may understand even more.

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