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Community Guidelines

Community guidelines are a set of rules and standards established by a platform, website, or online community to govern the behavior of its users. These guidelines define acceptable and unacceptable actions within the community, helping to create a positive and safe environment for all users.

What are Amending America’s Community Guidelines?

The mission of Amending America is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, and the goal of these Community Guidelines is to provide a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable learning.

How can you help?

Give a great answer

  • We're teaching each other – so, instead of responding with "Yes" or "No", share your answer the way your favorite teacher would! Give complete answers that are easy to understand.

  • Remember that you were once new here, too! Be patient and take the time to make people feel welcome and help them get started on their learning journey. Share your own tips and tricks for using Khan Academy.

  • When relevant, it can be helpful to share links to additional resources that people might find useful

Be self-sufficient

  • Before asking a question, do a quick check to see if it’s been asked before. If it has, add your comment in the existing thread, or vote someone else’s comment up. You can also find great resources in our Help Center and Support Community.

  • If someone has already answered a question, don't repeat their answer – upvote it instead.

Here's what to avoid:

Low-quality comments

  • These include duplicate answers, nonsense, spam or repetitive posts, advertisements, low-quality links, asking others to follow you or upvote your posts, and anything containing offensive language.

  • Anything rude or disrespectful to another Khan Academy member, including volunteers and staff. This includes impersonating someone else.

  • In general, if you’re not comfortable with a parent or teacher reading what you’re writing, it’s best not to post it.  Remember that Khan Academy is used by learners of all ages, and we expect everyone’s comments to reflect that.

Off-topic discussions

  • Keep the conversations relevant to the subject that you’re posting in. Questions and comments not related to subject content should be posted in the appropriate subforum in the Support Community.  This includes Computer Programming projects - comments and discussions should stay focused on the code itself.

  • Since Khan Academy is focused on learning above all else, we ask that discussion about religion and current political events generally be kept off the site.  There are many places on the internet where these discussions are very welcome, but we’ve found these topics to be largely distracting on Khan Academy.  

    • Note: exceptions can be made for certain pieces of humanities content (such as history), but please take a minute before posting to make sure that any comments you make are truly in the best interest of the community.

  • Don’t solicit personal information from others (this includes real names, email addresses, ages, locations, and anything else that someone might want to keep private), or post personal information that isn’t appropriate to share publicly.

Violations of these Guidelines may result in post removal, suspension of commenting privileges, and other administrative actions.

Why was I banned?

In general, users who persistently violate Amending America's Community Guidelines may be banned from community activities.

A Guardian will review your request and respond to you via a Guardian message on your profile. Please note that we receive lots of ban appeal requests, so it may take several days to receive a response.

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