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Dean Monsieur


Dean Monsieur is a historian with a specialization in American history and sociology, having written and composed historical documentaries and papers, served as lead historical advisor to non-profit organizations, and even served as vice-executive of political non-profit, American Virtue. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Dean's challenging upbringing fueled his determination to understand the events that shaped his community, his country, and the broader world. More than that, Dean was nagged by the question of not just "what" but "why". Dean found himself at a unique confluence of history, psychology, politics, and sociology, spawning his particular style of historical analysis.

Over roughly a decade, Dean educated himself extensively in history through books, online courses, and archives, forming a nuanced understanding of historical events. His breakout into publicity came with the creation of the Monsieur Z Youtube Channel, which has amassed a significant following due to its engaging and accessible historical content. The initial videos on the Monsieur Z channel aimed to blend education with entertainment in the form of what-if scenarios which gave background into historic events before speculating on what might have occurred had history unfolded differently. Over time, however, the Monsieur Z channel began shifting to more strictly educational content. Dean's unique ability to make history entertaining and informative has earned him a reputation as a leading history content creator on the platform.

Building on the success of his YouTube channel, Dean produced a highly acclaimed documentary series, the 7 Ages of America, which frames the history of the United States not as a history of one single nation, but of multiple nations who across the history of the United States vied for dominance of national institutions, and repeatedly altered the political character of the country, arguing that the United States has not had one continuous government, but multiple governments/regimes akin to France, Mexico, and Brazil. Through this work, Dean has brought critical historical narratives to a broader audience, highlighting the complexities and intricacies of America's past.

In addition to his work in media, Dean served as the Vice-President of political non-profit organization, American Virtue. In this role, he leverages his historical knowledge to inform the organization's mission and activities, particularly in areas related to education, civic engagement, and American culture.

Dean’s work has profoundly impacted public understanding of history, earning him invitations to speak at conferences and participate in panel discussions. His dedication to making history accurate and accessible have inspired many. Dean believes that understanding the past is crucial for navigating the present and shaping the future, and he strives to foster a deeper appreciation for history among people of all ages and backgrounds.


Dean Monsieur
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