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Courtney Hartz


Courtney Hartz is an Early American historian passionate about pre-revolutionary and revolutionary periods of American history. Her journey began at Lander University, where she studied history. Seeking to accomplish further academic goals, she pursued a master’s degree in history focusing on Early American history with a concentration in Indigenous Studies at the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

 In addition to her academic pursuits, Courtney started her career as an instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Currently, she is an educator at IDEA Judson College Preparatory, where she teaches U.S. History and European History. She seeks to inspire critical thinking and foster a deep understanding of historical contexts among her students.

Courtney is actively involved in historical research and endeavors to explore new methods to facilitate learning inside and outside the classroom to empower individuals to become informed, engaged, and thriving members of society through understanding the context of the past.

Courtney Hartz
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