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Constituting America

Educational Nonprofit

Constituting America is a non partisan educational 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) founded in 2010. Constituting America is committed to reversing the trend of civic apathy and ignorance permeating our society today. Our mission is to teach students and adults across America about the nonpartisan relevancy of the U.S. Constitution and the principles of self-governance inherent in our founding documents. We do this through multi-tiered programs such as:

  • Free Constitution Presentations for Schools. Click here to learn more 

  • A Scholarship Contest for Students & Teachers. Click here to learn more

  • National Promotion of our Winners' Works. Click here to see some of our Winners' short films, songs, PSA's & more! 

  • Yearly online studies of founding documents. Click here for our most recent First Principles of the American Founding 90 Day Study. 

  • Click here for Constituting America Founder, Actress Janine Turner's New Talk show on American Exceptionalism! 

Constituting America
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