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Potential Immigration Policy

Updated: May 20, 2021

Immigration Principles

American rights are universal, however, America cannot universally defend these rights due to our respect for national sovereignty and the fact that we simply cannot protect everyone in different nations. Despite this, the best way to defend rights for all is to allow immigrants to enter the United States.

The process below details how we can reform our immigration process in order to protect the rights of as many people as possible while maintaining order domestically through due process.


  1. Remove the limit of immigrants allowed into the country

  2. There will still be a physical limit to how many immigrants are able to enter the country, due to the amount of funding we give to the immigration offices, but there should not be an arbitrary number that someone makes up in their head.

Simple Merit

  1. End the lottery base system and adopt a point or merit-based system

  2. The merit system includes a criminal record examination and a general knowledge examination.

  3. Assume innocent for criminal records not found

  4. The examination is a written test on basic (Fifth grade) English and American Civics.

  5. The examination is only for adults (18 and above)

  6. The English test will be based on basic communication, not on books and rhetoric.

  7. The civics test will be based on individual rights and privileges not on names and dates.

Entry Via Visa

  1. If they pass the exam with over 65% grade then they will be handed a working visa while children will receive a student visa

  2. Working visa will have no expiration date

  3. A student visa automatically upgrades to a working visa when the student reaches the age of 18

  4. Upgrades to a working visa still allowed to enroll in school.

  5. After six consecutive years working within the states with a working visa, they will be granted full citizenship.

  6. The working visa can be allowed for employment or receiving a driver’s license but cannot be used to purchase firearms or vote in federal elections.

  7. Once a full citizen then they can

Naturalization Centers

  1. If adults fail and they still want to enter the country they will be sent to residential centers called Naturalization Centers.

  2. Parents who fail will be allowed to have their children stay with them or enter the country with a student visa if they have other family members already living in the states.

  3. Immigrants will be registered in different centers

  4. Family center; where parents and their children will be kept together

  5. Working center; where working-age men and women (18-65 years of age), couples with no children or single men and women will be in this center.

  6. Orphans center (Under 18); for children who are alone until we can find their parents or guardians.

  7. Elderly center (without working-age support) (over 65) Elderly people

  8. Each center will have adequate housing, food, water, clothes, electricity, and medical care and education for one year for everyone; then they will be allowed re-examination and then granted a working visa.

  9. Activities include mandatory education at residential centers.

  10. (For adults) Education will begin at 9 and end at 3 with one hour (12-1) for lunch and a general break. The first three hours will be English class, the latter two hours will be American civics

  11. (For children) education will be the same as the curriculum for children in the state the camp resides in.

  12. More activities include:

  13. (For adults) after the education schedule, there will be time for learning a skill or trade (3-7 pm)

  14. From the start of this program, the accepted skills include culinary, welding, farming, house-cleaning, trash collection and disposal, road and house construction, and plumbing.

  15. House Immigration Committee can approve of other skills and trades.

  16. Families that had one spouse pass the exam and the other fail can remain together in the appropriate center but the one who failed must follow the schedule for education for re-examination but the one who passed will still receive his or her working visa.

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