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Fixing the Date of the First Election

Resolution of the Congress, of September 13, 1788,

Fixing Date for Election of a President, and the Organization of the Government Under the Constitution, in the City of New York.

Saturday Sept 13. 1788

Congress assembled present New hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut New York New Jersey Pensylvania Virginia North Carolina South Carolina & Georgia & from Rhodeisland Mr. Arnold & from Delaware Mr. Kearney.

Whereas the Convention assembled in Philadelphia pursuant to the resolution of Congress of the 21st of Feby 1787 did on the 17th of Sept in the same year report to the United States in Congress assembled a constitution for the people of the United States, Whereupon Congress on the 28 of the same Sept did resolve unanimously " That the said report with the resolutions & letter accompanying the same be transmitted to the several legislatures in order to be submitted to a convention of Delegates chosen in each state by the people thereof in conformity to the resolves of the convention made and provided in that case " And whereas the constitution so reported by the Convention and by Congress transmitted to the several legislatures has been ratified in the manner therein declared to be sufficient for the establishment of the same and such ratifications duly authenticated have been received by Congress and are filed in the Office of the Secretary therefore Resolved That the first Wednesday in Jany next be the day for appointing Electors in the several states, which before the said day shall have ratified the said Constitution; that the first Wednesday in feby next be the day for the electors to assemble in their respective states and vote for a president; And that the first Wednesday in March next be the time and the present seat of Congress the place for commencing proceedings under the said constitution-

Notes on Sources:

(1) Reprinted from Documentary History of the Constitution, Vol II (1894), pp. 262, 263, 264.

(2) From the"Rough"Journal of Congress (No. I, Vol. 39.).

Source: Documents Illustrative of the Formation of the Union of the American States. Government Printing Office, 1927. House Document No. 398.

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