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Annotated Constitution

The Constitution of the United States of America currently consists of many parts that no longer apply either because they were repealed via amendment or expired. I annotated the Constitution to show what it would look like if those parts which no longer applies were removed and what it might look like if all of the amendments were placed in the main body of the text as opposed to being placed in a separate section. I used the Shubert Style in this annotation which is the same style that mock bills on the Forum are written.

The Shubert Style consists of multiple versions of the same document which shows the original text and the contemporary status of the document. The contemporary status shows only the parts that are active today and it excludes the parts that have been repealed or expired. This cuts out any unnecessary text. The contemporary status also includes all amendments within the main body of the text as opposed to being in a separate section. For example, any amendments concerning the office of the president have been added to Article II since that article is what establishes the office of the president. The Bill of Rights has been added to its own section labeled Article VIII and it includes any part of the original or amended constitution which discusses individual rights. The original text section colorized shows the full original constitution but with certain sections colorized to show the reader what was done with clauses. The original text without color is exactly what the name suggests.

Below is the link to the annotated Constitution, enjoy.

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