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Minor Consul

Job Type


About the Role

As Minor Consul you are tasked with advising the Chair both in and outside of meetings along with managing the Minor Moiety of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Board is called the Joint Chiefs of Staff and it consists of all officers with the title Chief along with the two Consuls and the Chair. The Chiefs are divided into two Moieties one called the Major Moiety and the other called the Minor Moiety. The Minor Moiety consists of the lower ranking Chiefs such as the Chief of Clientele, Chief Marketer, Chief Networker and others. Minor does not mean that the Chiefs in this Moiety are any less important only that their functions are different from the others. Individual Chiefs run their own policies but only if those policies are approved by the Chair and if they do not affect any other Chief. If a policy does affect more than one Chief then the Chief proposing the policy will need to meet with the other Chiefs of their Moiety, organized by the Consul, to reach a consensus approving the policy. Then the Consul will need to take the proposed policy to the other Moiety's Consul so that a vote of those Chiefs can approve it. Once both Moieties approve of a policy both Consuls will take the policy to the Chair for a final signature.

You will keep track of the performance of your Moiety, address issues your Chiefs face, advise the Chair, work with the Censor in presenting data reports, and be active and take initiative in the nonprofit.


  • Have People Skills, managment experience, data collection and analysis, and be open to advise people subordinate and superior to yourself.

About the Company

Amending America is an educational support services 501(c)(3) that specializes in American History, Civics, and Constitutional Law, and provides a variety of different resources for people to learn from including online courses, research projects, videos, and an extensive library of primary source documents.

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